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Cozy one bedroom apartment in Moscow

HOSTESS Alisa – PR-director NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 METRIC AREA 108 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 2.85 m Alisa purchased the apartment in one of the towers of Moscow-City in 2006, when the complex had been still under construction. The construction was delayed because of the crisis, and the repair took one more year. The hostess had a complete vision of her future dwelling and worked at the layout and the interior together with her friend – an architect Margarita Bezgina. They decided not to make too many walls in an empty perimeter. A large glass is mounted into the only wall…


Beautiful bathroom from the company Omvivo

A beautiful bathroom from Omvivo Company is the leading and most popular in the creation of modern and comfortable bathrooms in Australia This Company started its production in the early nineties. Bathroom of the company is made of the natural materials, the company offers a large collection, a lot of accessories.


A beautiful combination of aged wood and metal

The combination of artificially aged wood and metal combination creates a strong design in one piece of furniture, or in the room. The essence of artificially aged wood, aged metal underlined stiffness, combines the full identity and the visual volume. Distressed metal and wood – natural materials and therefore their unique beauty. Full of color and texture, these two elements will fill any space with energy. Have you started a repair in your home or just want to work with the trend in its space, see our photos for inspiration. Mixing materials have never been so bright.


Interesting green light from algae

Designer Nir Meri from Tel Aviv to the public by presenting its new project – a lamp from algae. In pursuit of ecological Mary united in the lamp two elements – natural and technological, getting so very interesting device.


Beautiful wooden cage for birds

Parisian designer Gregoire de Lafforest (Gregoire de Lafforest) presented a draft Archibird Cage Table, which combines the idea of sculpture and furniture. Specially designed bird cage attached to a wooden table, literally putting its inhabitants in the center of attention. Natural materials give the project a natural look, a feeling of lightness and illusion. It seems as if the table legs barely touch the floor and the base cell is held only on thin rods, when in fact the support acts branch of a tree.


Funny Collection of bathroom of Rui Pereira and Rosuke Fukusada

Milanese designer Rui Pereira and Japanese designer Rosuke Fukusada created a collection for bathrooms called «Bug». This collection is part of a design exhibition «Another Perspective», where groups and individual designers from all over the world gather together to interpret their own experience with a private bathroom. Here is a description of the designers’ collection «Bug» was created in order to form and strengthen the deep ties between the bathroom area and the rest of the house with the help of special furniture technologies. We aim to use natural materials, which thus can coexist with a moist atmosphere of such…


Ethnic decor in your home

This three-story apartment in the heart of London, if you move a hot safari: vintage furniture, warm colors, sultry textures and natural materials give a triplex and African bohemian spirit.

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