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A three-room apartment in a reserved European style with BoConcept furniture

Galina and Sergey have lived in a three-room apartment in the north-west of Moscow for eleven years already. The apartment appearance was changed many times. First a cosmetic repair was carried out here, then the relayout was made in 2005. All rooms were isolated at that time, the bathroom and the toilet were not combined and corridors took up part of the space.

In smoky summer in 2010 the owners transferred the air conditioner from one room to another as many other people did, they even slept in the living-room once and arrived at the conclusion that it was time to change the furniture. The living-room was freed from all cushioned furniture and then the following stage came – repair of the premise itself. The family applied to their son’s friends, architects of Archnoga, who prepared the project of a new living-room first and got down to other rooms then. The bathroom was an exception, its turn will come sooner or later.

The owners and architects understood each other quickly, practically all scratches were agreed on the first try, and their realization practically does not differ from 3D-models developed while planning. The owners had one wish to a large extent: a modern European interior.

The lamp in the entrance hall is Philips, a mirror and a shoe stand are Ikea.

Overhead drawers and consoles are Ikea.

The floor in the living-room is from nutwood, it’s rustic – a more particoloured and texture type of parquet. Patterned wallpaper is Harlequin Makeda. Shelves are BoConcept.

A floor lamp, a ceiling lamp, a coffee table, and a picture are BoConcept.

A folding table is BoConcept, lamps over the table are Tom Dixon, arm chairs are Panton.

The kitchen was ordered at a domestic factory “Mariya”. Surprisingly enough a domestic natural marble appeared cheaper and more qualitative than ceramic granite, that’s why it was decided to use it in floor finishing and splash back.

There is a bedroom from the left and a cabinet from the right.  A relatively narrow bedroom space was widened due to a mirror wall. The wardrobe is Ikea.

Initially the owners had doubts regarding massive lamps Philips, but after the company had provided them for trying, they remained satisfied. The wallpaper is Cole & Son’s Contemporary Restyled. A bed is Ikea, a poster is Paul White.

A hanger and a folding pouf are BoConcept.

There is a cabinet in the former room of the son who has lived apart since recently. The idea of wood finish seemed questionable at first, because it associated with sauna. Now the owners are satisfied with this decision, especially Sergey, who managed to place his collection of cars on module shelves. A wardrobe and a working table are Ikea, an armchair and chairs are BoConcept. The floor is oak parquet. The wallpaper is Sanderson Paisley Circles. Special marble slabs were ordered for balcony finishing.

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