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Cozy house in the Alps

This lovely chalet in the Swiss Alps, the town of Klosters. Wonderful nature around the house can be seen from all the windows spacious meadows, big trees and the tops of the mountains. Warm chalet built in the traditional style of this place – the house and the yard is completely wooden.

Aesthetic properties of the chalet can safely be called an art form. This home will be a warm complement even for ultimate alpine landscape. After all, the wooden house – a cozy element connection between the world and man.

Here, everything is directed to a comfortable rest. Wood – eco-friendly, lively, natural material that breathes. Therefore, natural wooden house provided by natural circulation of oxygen.

Even in the cold Alps chalet wooden walls keep the heat at home due to the good thermal stability.

The entire interior emphasizes unity with nature. Designers use natural materials – textiles, ceramics and, of course, wood.

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