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Apartment in “Airbus”

A spacious apartment with elements of classical and English styles and panoramic windows in Residential Complex “Aerobus”. OWNERS Dmitry and Ekaterina METRIC AREA 147 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 FLOOR 31 CEILING HEIGHT 2.9 m A young couple bought their apartment in Residential Complex “Aerobus” about two years ago. They were attracted by a panoramic view from the 31st floor and a free layout which made it possible to create a comfortable space for life. The owners got to know about the studio “Arkh. Predmet” from their acquaintances. Its founders – a designer Ekaterina Tulupova and an architect Olesya Sitnikova…


The Retro-Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen made in a retro style with addition of industrial strokes settles down in one of the Madrid houses. Designers faced a difficult task while planning kitchen – how to divide kitchen and dining room space and not to reduce the area visually. The space of kitchen and dining room is integrated and divided at the same time. At the owners’ request big doors from glass and metal remain open, uniting dining room and kitchen zones in one big space. This method perfectly works when many guests come to the house. In addition, the transparent doors, used for divide,…


Design ideas kitchen tile

Kitchen is a place which gathers all the members of the family together. The kitchen should be cozy and its design has to be not only attractive but also functional. All this means that designing and decorating kitchen is an important task and the owner should approach to this decision intelligently. How many options of finishing the working space in the kitchen do you know? Decorating kitchen, we must think about easy cleaning of working space. It’s also important to choose the right variant because of various culinary smells that are often absorbed there. The finishing tile, perhaps, is the…


Some Country Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is the coziest place in the house. We spend much time here – we cook food, we have breakfast, we have dinner, we have supper or we drink tea and coffee with guests. Here we create the culinary masterpieces to please our relatives. Kitchen is a place of privacy and heart-to-heart talks with close friends. It is a special place in the house therefore it’s very important to make the project of your kitchen functional and unique. How to optimize kitchen space, how to make that all elements would be combined? How to make the kitchen really cozy? Does…


Apartment in northern Moscow

A single-room apartment of architects with a low-budget repair and original interior objects. OWNERS Sergey, Nastya – architects of Le Atelier METRIC AREA35 sq. m FLOOR 6 NUMBER OF ROOMS 1 CEILING HEIGHT 2.7 m Sergey and Nastya are architects. The apartment in the north of Moscow belongs to their customer who suggested them to set it right and live there until she puts it up for sale. The task that faced the architects was to create a harmonic interior with a low budget and quite tight schedule. But everything shaped well: temporary owners spent little money, made the repair,…


Corner shelf

Designer Martin Carpelan develops and sells in its online store all sorts of nice things associated with the interior. Our attention corner shelf. It seems quite a simple thing, we can assume a couple pieces of wood, but such solutions are most attracted to. Just want to take the tool and do something with their hands on. Universal shelf, mounted on the inner corner as well as the external, suitable for books in the living room, and for spices in the kitchen.


Repair-bedroom apartment

Simple, light colors, comfort and functionality. We present our one-room apartment with total area of ​​34 square meters. m in Stockholm. The situation is very similar to our reality: a kitchen, one bedroom, hall and bathroom with WC. As you can see, even from such a small space, you can make quite a decent habitat, if we approach the matter with a soul and understanding. Total white color scheme, which we love to write, with small patches of natural colors.

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