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Modular furniture Stadtnomaden

German company based in Stuttgart Stadtnomaden, made more than a few lines of modern furniture, rather, their designers have developed a unified approach to the production of a comfortable multi-purpose furniture. Whether it’s a bed, sofa or kitchen – separate pieces of furniture are easily recognizable, are assembled in the correct combination for the customer. Consider this approach to a bed: no matter what size you have chosen a mattress, frame elements are adjusted to size, can be easily adjusted by the location and height.


How to organize a small room?

This visualization of the interior is the result of the work of Polish design firm Pressenter. The designers were challenged decor forty square meters, and is -430 square feet to the space was used by her mother and her six year old daughter. Certainly, the development of the project takes into account the fact that there lives a child whose needs are constantly increasing, for example, at the beginning of the school period. At the time, the designers had to forget about his mother, which necessarily would require a place for rest and relaxation after a hard day’s work.


Design studio apartment

Layout of this tiny one-room apartment, created by designers WCH Interior, reflected in itself everything as needed, and so much like the owner of the apartment. This is despite the fact that the designers worked with very limited space and the interior design was to get very concise. Incoming search terms: studio apartment design , studio apartment


Best kitchen tables

The large table-island (island) is the heart of any modern kitchen. This versatile item of kitchen furniture, which has a number of additional shelves to store a variety of accessories, is divided into several working surfaces, and can hold up to, for example, a sink or cooktop. This provides significant savings in space of your kitchen. It should be noted that one of the main roles to be played by a similar kitchen island – it’s certainly the role of “collector” of the whole family in one place. Family members or just come to visit friends, love to spend time…


New life of old things. Stool – mushroom.

If the chair or stool slightly poistrepalis a slim or overweight bodies, they are usually painted and used for several years. We offer you an unusual, but very easy way for the original painting round stools. After the painting they are perfectly fit into the interior villa or apartment kitchen, garden or other places. Paint the “cover” of stool in red, and the rest – in white. Mark on the surface of the wheels and also paint them white. Amanita are delicious! Is not it?


Garlic hanging from the ceiling.

Soup and dumplings with garlic loaf of black bread with spicy savory bacon, garlic croutons and a thick, rich pea soup – the homeland of Ukrainian designer named Anton Naselevets this vegetable for centuries loved, respected and able to use in cooking, and in health prophylactically. Garlic as a symbol of national Ukrainian cuisine and cultural traditions, presented in the form of the original chandeliers called Garlic Lamp. I suppose there is no doubt that this lamp is designed specifically for the kitchen, and it has placed itself above the work or dining table. Shade of thick, maloprozrachnogo material, allows…


Miniature house

Small houses – economic, technical and architectural ingenuity can do it with little or no loss of comfort. Unusual house, two-story house located on a small plot of land. House is completely made of wood, environmental option for people who cherish nature, and their health. House just outside seems small. It has a kitchen, living room, living room, toilet, bathroom, shower. All of this is placed on the area of 18 square meters. The heart of this home – functionality, for extra furniture, household items, and things just do not fit in here. Convenient computer functions and convenient place to…

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