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Luxurious interior design from Graciela Rutkowski

What is most valued in the modern home? Comfort, beauty and functionality. All this offers designer Graciela Rutkowski. Even the classic restrained interior requires the infusion of bright colors. Moreover, a classical direction is as intense as it is modern. Interior style in our time has become the optimal flexibility and fully mobile, and more open to outside influences. Classic furniture, lighting fixtures, sanitary engineering and accessories it is not breathes retro, and they are perfectly combined with trendy technique and decorative elements. Fresh, green, bright – here are the first thoughts that come to mind when looking at the…


The beautiful dining rooms in French style

French style – it’s not expensive furnishings “with gold-plated mixers” and noble materials and things with history, where each item features a unique individuality and uniqueness. Dining rooms in the French country style – this is the charm of the informal environment. Easy style bedding inherent tone. Beige and white walls blend perfectly with wooden or wrought iron furniture. Soft pillows made ​​of linen, it is important to adorn the seats of chairs complement the design of the dining room, creating comfort. Bright spots and creative dishes quite perfectly with this style, adding some color to the world of interior…


A two-room apartment with white walls.

OWNERS Oksana – deals in advertisement Andrey – a designer METRIC AREA 60 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 5 CEILING HEIGHT 2.9 m Andrey and Oksana bought their first realty in Moscow seven years ago, having got tired of rental housing in residential districts. Taking into account quite low budget the couple was ready to agree to an apartment in an ordinary Khrushchyovka, but a classic two-room apartment with isolated rooms in one of the last Stalin buildings built in 1956 turned up all of a sudden. Only fretwork around lamps and three meter ceilings remained of the old-time Empire style…


Beautiful dining room by designer Lisa Mende

This dining room is a separate room, allowing the designer to create here an oasis of beauty and elegance. It is not combined with a working kitchen area, and its interior is a stylistically complete independent premises. The main color in this room – dark brown. For contrast designer chose a light brown (ocher) and a bright turquoise color. That makes a note of color turquoise freshness. He focuses on the attention, so using it in different elements, it is easy to make a holistic whole interior dining room. Of course, the main pieces of furniture here – table and…


Dining room, new ideas.

If your family made family dinners, and not a quick meal, you will like the idea of organizing a dining area – dining room. The main thing in the dining room, of course, a table. It should cover all the family members and can be foldable for convenience. To dining room seem larger, use reflective colors and increases the space tricks.


Design Ideas for dining room

If you’re looking for inspiration to design dining room, then these options are selected from a variety of different workshops portfolio, need to get the creative process takes place in your head quickly and efficiently. Designed by Andrey Golubev. This cozy blue with white country-style looks like a very nice option for the interior, full of charm and understated style. Slightly inconsistent with each other wood tones in the surrounding furniture continue this feeling of ease. It creates the effect as if the room was not specifically created just such and became what has become, over time, moving a lot…


Drama Style Ideas for Dining Room

Dramatic dining room The dining room is one place where you can go to town with a really dramatic scheme. Don’t shy away from the glamorous qualities of black. Far from being drab and depressing, it can bring a whole new depth to a room. Want to recreate the look? You can, in just 5 easy steps. Incoming search terms: dining room ideas

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