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Luxurious interior design from Graciela Rutkowski

What is most valued in the modern home? Comfort, beauty and functionality. All this offers designer Graciela Rutkowski. Even the classic restrained interior requires the infusion of bright colors. Moreover, a classical direction is as intense as it is modern. Interior style in our time has become the optimal flexibility and fully mobile, and more open to outside influences. Classic furniture, lighting fixtures, sanitary engineering and accessories it is not breathes retro, and they are perfectly combined with trendy technique and decorative elements.

Fresh, green, bright – here are the first thoughts that come to mind when looking at the photo dining room with green curtains, the same chairs and decor. Design Graciela Rutkowski calls to live a fun, active pace of life. But while the rest of the situation calms down. Luxurious furniture, stunning chandeliers, elegant decoration of the walls – all this emphasizes the grandeur of the entire room, the wealth of the owners and their good taste.

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