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Design Ideas for dining room

If you’re looking for inspiration to design dining room, then these options are selected from a variety of different workshops portfolio, need to get the creative process takes place in your head quickly and efficiently.

Designed by Andrey Golubev. This cozy blue with white country-style looks like a very nice option for the interior, full of charm and understated style. Slightly inconsistent with each other wood tones in the surrounding furniture continue this feeling of ease. It creates the effect as if the room was not specifically created just such and became what has become, over time, moving a lot of trials and tribulations in their daily family life.

The original corner set instantly creates an unusual visual effect without the need to attract attention with color.

Metallic finish of the dining chairs – a rather unexpected choice, which it allows to create rich contrast with the soft tones of wood, used in the rest of the circuit.

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