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Attic bedroom

Attic – is a room under the roof, which, depending on the willingness and capacity owners of the house may be a technical floor, lounge, sports facilities or a full bedroom. It is the last option we offer to consider. The bedroom in the attic – a cost-effective structure, which does not require large capital investments and significantly enhances the living space. Since the bedroom is a loft living space, then it should be comfortable, relaxed and comfortable regardless of the weather and time of year. Highlight, but at the same time and the problem is the attic floor –…


Apartment in “Airbus”

A spacious apartment with elements of classical and English styles and panoramic windows in Residential Complex “Aerobus”. OWNERS Dmitry and Ekaterina METRIC AREA 147 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 FLOOR 31 CEILING HEIGHT 2.9 m A young couple bought their apartment in Residential Complex “Aerobus” about two years ago. They were attracted by a panoramic view from the 31st floor and a free layout which made it possible to create a comfortable space for life. The owners got to know about the studio “Arkh. Predmet” from their acquaintances. Its founders – a designer Ekaterina Tulupova and an architect Olesya Sitnikova…


Chair of the studio Toer

Based in the Netherlands, the studio created an original Toer Domed chair (in the original “The Dome Stool”). The unique design of the seats creates a feeling like sitting in the air! Here’s what they say about the project developers: “Eighty curved steel rods come from the wooden base, creating the perfect elegant dome. This strong form, often used in architecture and known as the Pantheon, making chair is strong enough to be comfortable for him to sit. Base chair made of beech and their round shapes stands in strong contrast to the rigid metal bars of the dome. with…


Elegant lamp

Italian designer Alberto Puchetti together with Northern Lighting has developed a lamp Aerodrome. Its appearance is inspired by the aerodynamic design of turbine aircraft engines, as well as features of Scandinavian style since the 60s of last century. Concisely and cold glow not make the room more comfortable, but instead create an atmosphere similar to the lounge area of business class at the airport. Aerodrome lamp looks rich and elegant, which certainly fits many connoisseurs of minimalism.


Sofa By GamFratesi

Architectural company GamFratesi cooperate with Fredericia Furniture for Haiku sofa. Sofas and Kersley Haiku was set design award 2012. This sofa is comfortable Haiku, shape, compact and practical flags of Japanese poetry, designed as a sensory images to show the warm emotions. Sofa haiku has beautiful legs, a hard shell and a nice cozy interior to create a feeling of protection and curiosity.


Bright and stylish designer of Ana Cordeiro

If you move away from the banality for resettlement on the premises, the result can be an outstanding interior, cozy, comfortable and incredible functionality. In many ways, the perception of color sets the style of the room. Vivid and bright colors give the room a joyful, carefree little look. Especially uplifting green in the interior – it helps to escape the monotony and achieve psychological comfort. Scattered around the room, he makes a note of freshness. Sets the mood of the room especially the carpet on the floor. If razabrats coloring matches the COLOR of walls, then there is an…


Bar stools for kitchen

When designing the interior of the kitchen, many owners choose the modern style, which fits well and comfortable bar stools for the kitchen. They perfectly complement the interior of the high-tech style, art deco, modern, minimalist, fusion, etc. Bar stools for the kitchen is difficult to confuse with the usual. First, they are much higher than their traditional counterparts, as calculated by the height of the bar. And she, in turn, is also higher than the normal dining table. Second, the bar stool has a small seat, because in fact this is furniture “Party” and the brief get-togethers, changing dancing….

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