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Metal Garden Bench.

In order to make a wrought-iron bench seat on a soft, often use special mattresses or pillows that are tied ropes to the bench. Such a solution will make your stay comfortable and cozy. Also, you will not only soft, but warm – removable mattress you can lay on the bench, even in cool weather and take pleasure in the outdoor recreation.


Behind the Scenes of the magazine Billboard

Design: by Ira Voloshina, Afisha Company art-director. Space: The editorial office of 25-30 people (including Afisha-Mir Magazine) is settled on the third floor. Here in a huge balcony with the view of Tverskoy Avenue is situated. In summer-time it’s a great pleasure to sit on the benches along the avenue drinking tea or spirits and to admire the city panorama. There is a bit smaller balcony on the sixth floor, where the directorate has settled down. Here is a big negotiations room with an arched window with a splendid view which attracts even the most inflexible ones.


Armchair by Felix de Pass

Chair a number of good wood, which was made on inspiration traditional English chairs Windsor. I wanted to create a comfortable and open structure in the style of floor basket gives people immerse themselves into a cozy basket.


Nice interior for small bathrooms

Professional designers have found a way for a small bathroom, you need to include fantasy + masterful selection of furniture and plumbing fixtures can save precious centimeters to more important things. Even a small bathroom can be comfortable and beautiful.


Communal Living in the house of the old stock

A communal apartment in an old dwelling stock with the furniture found in the street, many details, and hand-made interior items. OWNERS Valentin A scene painter in the cinema Yulia A pottery designer, Anatoly A letterpress printing specialist Svetlana A designer, printer, and illustrator, METRIC AREA 80 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 3 CEILING HEIGHT 3.5 m Friends artists and designers rented an apartment in Lomonosova street in 2008. They were not the first tenants, the former communal apartment had been rented for many years before them. The house was profitable before the revolution. New tenants made…


Apartment for Krestovsky with classic designs

An apartment on Krestovsky Island with a classical interior and children’s room painted by graffiti-artists. OWNERS Vladimir and Marina – enterpreneurs, Children – Radomir and Miroslav METRIC AREA 85 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 3 CEILING HEIGHT 3.43 m The couple Vladimir and Marina with two children moved into their apartment on Krestovsky Island in March this year. They had rented apartments in various districts of the city for a long time looking for the most comfortable place for a young family to live before they purchased their own apartment. Finally they chose the apartment in a new house…


Apartments on the beach

Project Office ZZ Architects presented modern apartment in an affluent area of ​​Juhu in Mumbai, India. Feature of the residence is its location right on the coast, where the ocean separates residents only sandy beach strip.

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