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New life of the old rectory of the 1800s in Heganase

Old house was empty for a few years before was purchased. This rectory was built in the late 1800s in Heganase, Sweden, and now it has become the perfect accommodation for both Isabel and Peter Landalov and their two children. The future owner, still viewing the house for the first time, immediately saw in him what she called a “harmonious world.” Isabel knew that this is the right place for them, in spite of its slightly Deteriorating condition. Original, unique architecture house was faithfully restored and is surrounded by a lovely garden. This wonderful home is in a quiet comfortable…


Bank + clamp + = Great Wall shelf

Comfortable and functional shelf for various small items made ​​of glass containers – namely, from the cans! The implementation can use any glasses and containers with a wide neck.


Gravity Balans Chair

Designer Peter Opsvik has created a comfortable chair for furniture Balans Varier. As the name implies, this room allows the user to sit in while the other part is in the hanging wall. You can be in four different positions to help with the natural body breath, leg height to improve circulation, spine and neck support for all, giving the user a natural feeling of weightlessness. Different angles can curl up, stretch forward and release your body to move and support necessary of course, when you need it most.


Tetran Modular Furniture

With the slogan multifunction life, Tetran modular furniture allows users to build, rebuild, and modify existing solutions furniture in different directions in order to remake the furniture itself. Especially handy this furniture will be for college students, a very functional and comfortable furniture, you can always rearrange everything. Incoming search terms: modular furniture


Rebel Sofa and Chair

Rebel Sofa made ​​by Richard Shemtov with clean and comfortable design. The forms are smooth and colorful colors make this sofa looks beautiful. Rebel design can be described as beautiful and simple. Made with two related forms that express movement or transit, they were inspired by “subway routes and intersections,” says designer Richard Shemtov. The higher the back wrap around the arms creates a nest that is both delights. Seat and back can be covered in two different colored fabrics to emphasize its bold design, or all in one continuous tsvet. Rebel sofa and chair upholstered with polyurethane foam on…


Punti bench and Spot stools

The asymmetric shape and comfortable enough to seat three people and one cat, inspired by the bright colors and different, drawing on each other. Punti bench is good and the current definition of similarity is one device.


Miniature house

Small houses – economic, technical and architectural ingenuity can do it with little or no loss of comfort. Unusual house, two-story house located on a small plot of land. House is completely made of wood, environmental option for people who cherish nature, and their health. House just outside seems small. It has a kitchen, living room, living room, toilet, bathroom, shower. All of this is placed on the area of 18 square meters. The heart of this home – functionality, for extra furniture, household items, and things just do not fit in here. Convenient computer functions and convenient place to…

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