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8 tubs, are fun to immerse

As for the spectacular appearance, a favorite of recent years – bath CORSEL № 1. It is called “bath from another world”, referring to the world of high speeds and fine chemicals. Aerodynamic model is made of carbon fiber, a material involved in aircraft and automobiles. Although CORSEL № 1 is not going nowhere, all kind it shows affinity with racing bollidami. Size she also outstanding: 2,43 x1, 23 m and if not her, then her just have to race: in the world of just 51.

Bath I-SOPOD from Floatworks special because not created for washing, and for deep relaxation. She is very large: the man lying there, nothing binds, but it is holding up, allowing each muscle to relax: I-SOPOD filled with a special saline solution. He warms to body temperature, and water simply had no effect. Closes in a capsule made ​​of fiberglass, which include music and feel every cell that is full of weightlessness and absolute peace. Actually, for the sake of it and come up with.

Nobody thought that the bath can be male or female, while the company has not released Sicis AUDREY model in the form of ladies’ shoes with high heels, dedicating it as the name implies, the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn. It’s amazing that with all its extravagance bath cast in the good old iron, and only the top is decorated with mosaics.

Intelligent systems have reached and baths. SMART HYDRA electronically upravleniemnapolnyaetsya water up to a set level, the right temperature, self-cleaning. But its main advantage for remote access: all the processes can lead not only to control, but also from your smartphone by downloading the desired application. So, you can begin to fill the bath is on the way home to your arrival everything was ready. Interestingly, when the same trick learn proovorachivat with dinner.

In the days of digital technology is especially shocking bathrooms made ​​an archaic way. For example, carved out of solid rock. Thus produced one of the most expensive in the world and master baths of Baldi. It is made out of a huge piece of rock crystal found in the Amazon. The first of two sold copies billionaire bought from Russia, and the second – the daughter of a billionaire from England, owner of the “Formula 1″. And argues that the tub is worth every million pounds of the money paid!

Geometric lines, metal, glass … The creation of the bath LE COB for Omvivo designer Joseph Lichiarsi inspired the great Le Corbusier, more precisely, the famous chaise longue. In addition to pure beauty ergonomic design promises comfort. As for the water, which flows through the edge of the bath, do not worry, do not flood the neighbors. Water enters the shingle, which is located under the sink. Just a designer really wanted in the bathroom there was a small waterfall.

Bath carries a veiled threat. You can always slip and fall. Perhaps it is this consideration spodviglo Danish designer Matena Hartfelda to create a soft bath. It is made of polyurethane, as many mattresses, and the top is covered with foam rubber. Bath incredibly warm and comfortable as a sofa. And hit a corner is not dangerous. It can be used not only for its intended purpose. For example, it may well serve as a bed for overstayer guest.

Bath RED DIAMOND from WaterGamesTechnologies created an “all inclusive”. It’s a whole entertainment complex. There are two watertight screen HDTV, wireless headphones, the module GSM (for emergency cases), rack and champagne. All with light and crystal Swarovski. Of water treatment – hydro and aero. Set of water, temperature control, cleaning – all, of course, automatically. If you are still bored, you can take a companion: a bath designed for two.

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