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8 tubs, are fun to immerse

As for the spectacular appearance, a favorite of recent years – bath CORSEL № 1. It is called “bath from another world”, referring to the world of high speeds and fine chemicals. Aerodynamic model is made of carbon fiber, a material involved in aircraft and automobiles. Although CORSEL № 1 is not going nowhere, all kind it shows affinity with racing bollidami. Size she also outstanding: 2,43 x1, 23 m and if not her, then her just have to race: in the world of just 51. Incoming search terms: bath tub


PiantaLà – Andrea Rekalidis Design

Beautiful garden would not be complete without climbing Morning Glories like to welcome you to the wonderful and Mandevilla, to pamper you. They cascade gently around all they can achieve. Smartly done, Piantala Italian designer Andrea Rekalidis encourages these wonderful herbs to follow primeru.Metallichesky rod is formed in all American white picket fence. It is a good idea to remind us of a swing in the yard of the tires. This trellis or stands with round feet, or they can be removed so you can stick your feet straight into the ground. You can use these sites almost anywhere in…

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