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Bathroom: layout and decor

Bathroom – one of the smallest, but most capital facilities in the apartment. However, in recent years, together with cash and investments grow square footage.

Effective ventilation system is necessary and if you have decided to join the bathroom and the bedroom in a private area, separated by frosted glass partition. This layout is very relevant: do not run through the apartment to take a shower, do not sneak out of the shower in the form of half-naked children by … The bedroom and bathroom are common intimate area, and do not be afraid of too high humidity – you do not combine the bedroom with bath!

The bathroom of the church into a shelter care sybarite, and the cleanliness of your body – not its main function. Sometimes this is the only place where the modern city dweller can hide from the aggressive world, to reflect and relax. For this purpose, the bathroom is often transformed into a full room – with its fabrics (waterproof), prints (hidden under glass) and chairs (not afraid of moisture). With this solution the question we must first consider good ventilation, good also make floor heating.

Bathroom – always a stumbling block and a source of controversy. Whatever you may have started repairs, always have to make a difficult choice.
WC or separate? Shower or bath? Plumbing or white color? One recommendation does not exist, everything depends on tradition, and sometimes gender preferences.

By choosing a soul more accepting men who have quick and decisive bath. Women are more likely choose a bath where you can lie in a fragrant foam with a telephone receiver in hand. However, this option pastime finds more and more supporters among men.

“Our People” eager to spread the toilet and sink in different rooms. Europeans are not so scrupulous (or rather, do not want to run after using the toilet to wash his hands in the next room), so place all in one place, putting the toilet and bidet for wall or the short wall

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