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Madame ottoman by Studio Szpunar

Mega find. Interesting furniture has become increasingly flow into our lives! You can imagine that a simple stool and you can serve as a table for the computer, or as a shelf for books or things? I also could not imagine until I saw! This has created a mega furniture polish Studio Szpunar


New life of old things. Stool – mushroom.

If the chair or stool slightly poistrepalis a slim or overweight bodies, they are usually painted and used for several years. We offer you an unusual, but very easy way for the original painting round stools. After the painting they are perfectly fit into the interior villa or apartment kitchen, garden or other places. Paint the “cover” of stool in red, and the rest – in white. Mark on the surface of the wheels and also paint them white. Amanita are delicious! Is not it?

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