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Functional and spacious interior

In this simple interior of the main functionality and space. An unusual and interesting idea with a shelf between the windows for CD-disks. Shelf white perfectly blends with the wall, and it turns a unitary construction with the entire wall.

Vivid details of purple blend harmoniously with the interior of the room. Such as roller blinds on the windows attract the interest and attention in the living room, this is the brightest part.

The massive wooden table is not processed dining area. Black leather chairs reminiscent of massive large and comfortable armchairs conveniently separated dining area, separating it from the rest of the room furniture.

Floor living room and kitchen is connected and is a space that increases the space and the very size of the apartment. Throughout the apartment white walls and ceiling which further expands the space. Near the front door bright tiled floor, so as not to contaminate the wood floor.

The corridor is a small chest of drawers for shoes, hung on the walls simple and beautiful paintings in white, the color of the furniture is in good harmony with a wooden floor in color. It is worth noting that in the interior do not use different figurines, vases and other items. And the interior looks a bit empty, it is possible to add something and make it more interesting.

The kitchen is spacious and even white wood furniture in white. The basic kitchen table made as a main desktop for cooking, on the other hand it is a good area, with high bar stools with nice seats mimic human form. The kitchen table has an open shelf where you can put the dishes or jars of cereals, or subjects which are most often used by the owners of the apartment.

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