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Apartment in Pop Art

Two-room apartment in pop art style with suspended bubble chairs and reproduction of “210 Coca-Cola Bottles” by Andy Warhol.

Arkady – an interior designer





Arkady working as a designer of the studio Bar&Club Design bought the apartment in Kopernik street in 2005 when the house was being built, and moved into it only in August of this year. He worked at the interior design by himself. It took him a month to develop the concept, and the repair took four months.

While thinking over the style Arkady was committed to the theme of the 1960s. The key element was reproduction of “210 Coca-Cola Bottles” by Andy Warhol on one of the walls in the living-room. Kiev artist Olesya Shaparenko worked at the picture. The second key element is bubble chairs. This model was developed by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio in the early 1960s and it became one of the epoch symbols within several years. White varnish surfaces also serve as reference to the 60s: floors, tabletops, and kitchen furniture.

Bubble chairs are a replica of Bubble Chairs model of the factory Adelta. They were ordered in China. Zebra skin brought from Africa lies under the chairs, this is one more characteristic element of the 60s. The red wall was raised from composite steel decks Decodesk.

The recreation zone with a sofa and arm-chairs, and the working zone are organized in the living-room combined with the kitchen.

The sofa was made from Arkady’s scratches. A white coffee-table is of Italian brand Calligaris. The lamp is Artemide Trifluo.

The need for a door opening between the living-room and the bedroom disappeared as a result of replanning. In order not to brick it in and not to make a blank wall Arkady installed a semitransparent plastic panel with highlighting in this place. It delimits the space and serves as an additional light source. Its colour can be changed.

The kitchen was divided into two zones. One can wash and cut products in a “cold” zone where the kitchen sink is installed. A cooking top is located in a “hot” zone. All kitchen furniture is produced in Kiev. The hood design was developed by the host himself: wooden lamellae extend from the stainless steel solid block to plastic panel with highlighting, combining the space of the kitchen with the living-room visually.

There is a  wall for photos in the kitchen. It will be added with new photos and masks which Arkady collects. A concrete bar counter is a modern interior element which was not less popular in the 60s. All chairs in the apartment are of Magis production, collection One Family.

Arkady was committed to minimalism in the bedroom appearance. The furniture includes only a bed and bedside tables Calligaris. Clothes and things are stored in the wardrobe room, separated by glass sliding doors. The bed design was developed by Arkady. It is highlighted from below, and it creates levitation effect.

There are concrete walls, white sanitaryware, and mixer taps Noken in the bathroom.

A mirror with highlighting is one more invention of Arkady. The brightness of lighting in the bathroom is adjustable. The wash sink is Falper (model Shape).

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