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Beautiful Garden paths

When on the street and in the soul of settled spring, it’s time to arrange or to tidy garden area, tarnished after a long winter. The main element in the planning of landscape design area are garden paths and walkways around the house that have not only a practical function, but also aesthetic. Garden paths perfectly complement the design of the garden, help to simplify the care for plants and decorative elements that make movement around the garden site more convenient to form an entire road network of land and buildings elements of the garden.


Mosaic house

Most of us are inclined to throw away the lid of the plastic bottles in the trash, but the Russian pensioner Olga Kostina found a way to use these things everyday creative and aesthetically pleasing way. For several years she collected the colorful plastic covers until she decided that their was enough to finish her art project. Then she nailed 30,000 caps to create the appearance of a mosaic design on the front of her house.


Apartment in Pop Art

Two-room apartment in pop art style with suspended bubble chairs and reproduction of “210 Coca-Cola Bottles” by Andy Warhol. OWNER Arkady – an interior designer METRIC AREA 90 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 9 CEILING HEIGHT 3 m Arkady working as a designer of the studio Bar&Club Design bought the apartment in Kopernik street in 2005 when the house was being built, and moved into it only in August of this year. He worked at the interior design by himself. It took him a month to develop the concept, and the repair took four months. While thinking over the…


Wood Plastic Composite

To date, the use of products made of “liquid wood” is becoming more and more popular in the city, and close to nature. There are several reasons.

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