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Funny table with a cache where you can hide things

Interesting table, we often meet with shelves tables, and doors, but less common tables with cache, so the table will appeal to many, especially those who have something to hide. In such a cache can be hidden not only money, but also the old letters, postcards or photographs. This table is also well suited for the executive who wants to conceal documents and securities.


Warm furniture made ​​of felt

Modern designer Brandon Norsted created an interesting application of the felt. He did not make it out of clothes, and created furniture. It permeates the felt and an epoxy resin, laid in several layers of fiberglass. So Brandon Norsteda get the felt necessary to give it shape. Furniture made ​​of felt to get interesting, but is not for everyone, and some may not like it


Design a beautiful table

Designers Bano Manuel Galvan and David have created a collection of tables «Supernova» commissioned by the Spanish design studio «LaSelva». Table «Supernova» made so that under the sink is attached a piece of elastic material, which performs the function of a hammock. The elastic hammock is a place where you can store newspapers and magazines that will add up through the hole in the surface of the countertop. Collection «Supernova» consists of the table and side table, both of these items are made of wood covered with lacquer, and has steel legs.


Beautiful Fixtures Schproket lighting system

Fixtures Schproket lighting system, created by designer Christopher Moulder quite similar to those used to see every day in homes. Christopher Molder famous designer for their unusual experiments on the light. This time it is full of designer lamps series of engineering, technical style suitable to the interior rather the owner with a strong male character.


Beautiful landscape design of gardens

Soon will come the most light and warm time of the year – summer. In the summer, as ever want to spend more time in the open air. However, not everyone has the opportunity to make a trip or to go out of the city and relax. That is why the landscaping of yards and gardens near your home is the most convenient solution for a summer holiday for those, who lives in his own private house. Imitation of natural elements (lakes, waterfalls, picturesque hills and plants) will decorate any garden or yard; you can view the photos, a lot…


Beautiful and simple ideas hangers hallway

One quickly sucked us a society of consumers to their networks, and already familiar once carnations, which hung old overcoat, suit stopped us as a hanger. No, its function of maintaining coats, umbrellas, hats and nail performs well, but from a purely aesthetic point of view, the latter is simply a trouble. But the hanger in the hallway is chosen rather in appearance and compliance with its general direction in the interior. Place racks in the interior hallway What can you say about this basic in the adaptation? Hangers hallway buy, probably all – there is no such people who…


Beautiful Garden paths

When on the street and in the soul of settled spring, it’s time to arrange or to tidy garden area, tarnished after a long winter. The main element in the planning of landscape design area are garden paths and walkways around the house that have not only a practical function, but also aesthetic. Garden paths perfectly complement the design of the garden, help to simplify the care for plants and decorative elements that make movement around the garden site more convenient to form an entire road network of land and buildings elements of the garden.

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