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Beautiful and simple ideas hangers hallway

One quickly sucked us a society of consumers to their networks, and already familiar once carnations, which hung old overcoat, suit stopped us as a hanger. No, its function of maintaining coats, umbrellas, hats and nail performs well, but from a purely aesthetic point of view, the latter is simply a trouble. But the hanger in the hallway is chosen rather in appearance and compliance with its general direction in the interior.

Place racks in the interior hallway
What can you say about this basic in the adaptation? Hangers hallway buy, probably all – there is no such people who have refused to have a structure that regulates the storage of clothing. Meanwhile, in the absence of such a device we would have had to put coats, fur coats and jackets on a shelf somewhere, wringing clothes, allowing her to crush and take unpresentable appearance. So it is difficult to overestimate the need for hangers, and that’s what they are, and in what form to choose, we’ll see.

First, let’s remember that the clothing racks in the hallway selected on the basis of the existing interior design. Some might call it a functional tool accessory, somebody will say that the hanger is designed primarily not interior decorating, and serve as a place to store clothes. The rules will be both opponents, as modern designers create such masterpieces that do not fit in the usual notion of hangers.

Let it be arched forks, twisted spiral metal rod or twigs of trees, located next to each other – despite their exoticism, and this coat rack in the hallway performs its direct function.

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