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Apartment of the Week: Gogolevsky Boulevard

The Constructivist Communal House Apartment

Vladilen Razgulin, an advertising director, bought an apartment in an ex-communal house on Gogolevsky Boulevard 5 years ago. The house was built in 1930 according to the ideas and concepts of a team of eminent architects. Initially it was a 6-storey construction, 2 of which were intended for art studios, and after the WWII another two floors were built on. The communal house is comprised of two buildings with a layout which is extraordinarily untypical for present-day Moscow: all the flats are designed as duplex. Just as it was initially planned by the architects, the house is mainly inhabited by people somehow related to creative work, having much in common and conversing a lot with each other.

Responsible for the interior of Vladilen’s apartment were two designers, Aleksey Rosenberg & Peter Kostelov, who managed to turn a duplex flat into a 4-level apartment with no damage to its minimalistic constructivist style. What makes this project special is also the use of building materials that are not normally used in finishing touches: instead of being painted and wallpapered the walls and the floor are faced with pressboard and plywood. Due to decoration, color and multi-level ideas the apartment seems bigger than 37 m² – it can easily host a party for 20 persons and gives enough space for day-to-day needs in each zone.

— Metric area: 37 m²
— Ceiling height: 3,9 & 2,2 m
— Number of rooms: 2

Photo by Olga Eichenbaum
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