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Alcove Storage Ideas

Staggered shelves
You’ll be lucky to find a ready-made floating shelf that fits your alcove perfectly, so try this quirky trick instead. It makes a feature of shorter shelves, creating areas for storage and display without making the space look cluttered.

Firewood storage
Take firewood storage to a whole new level with this fireplace alcove storage idea. Perfect for creating drama. Just don’t choose a piece of wood from the bottom of the pile.

Organised office
Liven up an all-white scheme by using slim shelves to display colourful books and photos. Keep the shelves equally spaced to prevent it from looking too messy.

Kitchen storage
A glass kitchen cabinet built into an alcove offers a place to store and display favourite items. Opaque glass keeps the room feeling calm and uncluttered.

Feature wall
Turn the traditional concept of a feature wall on its head and wallpaper the alcove instead of the fireplace. Because you will only be using a small amount of wallpaper you can afford to splash out on your favourite design. Choose a bold pattern or rich texture for impact.

Linen storage
Bedlinen and cushions take up so much space and it’s a shame to hide your favourite things away. This neat solution lets you store and display at the same time, plus the cubes keep everything organised.

Kids corner
Set aside an alcove in the kitchen or living room where your kids can do their homework and get creative under your watchful eye. A drop-leaf desk can be lowered when not in use and a trolley is ideal for stashing art supplies and tucks away when the desk is down.

Multimedia zone
Keep media in check with bespoke cubes. Build in simple MDF units to fit the space, paint them in a contrasting tone to your wall colour and finish with magnetic closures.

Book storage
Hide less-than-lovely airport novels behind chic coffee-table books. Fix a fascia to the front of a floating shelf to create a lip so you can lean display-worthy books against your paperbacks.

Vanity corner
This is a great dressing table alternative that will give a chic hotel feel to any space. It’s really simple and you can fit it into even the narrowest alcove. Complete the luxurious look with a shimmering feature wallpaper, show-stopping mirror and comfy stool.

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