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Household Items for Living Rooms

Floral wallpaper
When it comes to wallpaper, there has to be some compromise. Most men are never going to warm to that pink girly wallpaper you had your heart set on for the living room – no matter how much you tell him you want ‘a country look’.

Games console
Fighting over when he’s going to put down that games console? Guys, at least pretend that you’re going to spend all your time cooking romantic meals … and not playing the latest Wii game.

Old Transformers collection? Star Wars geek? Whatever the chosen obsession, it’s guaranteed to get annoying when it takes over every last inch of hallway wall space.

Whether it’s music memorabilia or an old football scarf, most women dread the day these products pile into the place they call home. If you’re lucky you’ll get something quirky like these Beatles-themed Russian Dolls.

TV remote control
Constantly fighting over what to watch on TV? Can’t find the remote control? Store in a pretty box file so you never need to go looking for it again. Plus, house rules allow that the first one to grab it has the run of the TV.

Bikes may be an eco-friendly transport alternative, but the simple fact is that they cause some serious clutter in the home. Solution? A ceiling bike hoist or a new garden shed.

Scatter cushions
While many women think an attractive array of cushions makes for the perfect finishing touch in the bedroom, most men only see scatter cushions as one thing – the thing that comes between them and their bed.

While most women think potpourri is a decorative and fragrant addition to any living room, most men think it’s simply pointless! Try scented candles instead.

House plants
Careful ladies, while you think placing house plants and flowers around the house will add a homely touch, a lot of men will just see them as a nuisance – much like your love of X Factor.

Washing machine
The washing machine is an integral part of any household, but we all know arguments can erupt over who fills it, empties it or fixes it.

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