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Simple ideas of how to save the living space

If you live in a luxury high-rise private mansion, then perhaps these ideas are not likely, if you are interested. But those residents0, who often think about remodeling your apartment can learn some practical advice. For example this one horizontal cabinet that can be placed under the bed, and put things off-season. The only disadvantage of such shelves are made only to order, and it is quite expensive. Built-in closet that can be installed that is compatible with the wall.


Underwater Living Space Idea

Underwater rooms are places that sometimes only exist in our wildest of fantasies, but more and more in this day and age these rooms (and entire hotels) are becoming a reality made possible by architects and designers globally. Although it might seem like a huge undertaking to propose an underwater space of your own if you don’t have the budget or plot of land that will accommodate an underground structure– we’re sure our 10 favorites will help to inspire your own projects and get a room or two underwater if you choose. Build out a pool, pond or other body…


New York Townhouse in Dufner Heighe’s Ideas

Design studio Dufner Heighes were commissioned with the task of turning back the clock on a New York City townhouse. The most recent developer gutted the building and left if feeling cold and stark, so the new owner wished to create a cozy home with modern details. The designers restored the original facade from 1899 and reinstated original architectural and design details. The 4,200 square foot multi-story townhouse opens by way of steps that lead up to the first floor entry level featuring a double parlor. The living room with its custom Koi wallpaper mural adds elegant warmth to the…


Household Items for Living Rooms

Floral wallpaper When it comes to wallpaper, there has to be some compromise. Most men are never going to warm to that pink girly wallpaper you had your heart set on for the living room – no matter how much you tell him you want ‘a country look’. Incoming search terms: modern country kitchen

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