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Purple interior

In nature, purple is rare – only in the petals of some colors, pigments and shellfish in precious stones. Can the interior designer to be more generous in its use of nature? Or is it a universal rule?

Distance – far

Volume – to decrease, making sleeker

Weight – heavy

Saturation – saturated

Temperature – cold

Luminosity or brightness – blackout

Movement – calm

The first impression – a frightening, important, significant

The psychological impact – a veiled excitement, emotion-sad mood, mystery, awakens creativity and intuition, spur the imagination, but not conducive to rational thinking, calms, soothes, improves sleep. Large quantities of tires and drives into a depression.

Amateur – sentimental or artistic, creative people, women

Suitable rooms – a bedroom, dressing-room, meditation room, home theater

Unsuitable room – an office, baby

Additional colors – lemon yellow

Styles – futuristic, high-tech, pop art, Victorian, Art Nouveau

The last of the six colors of the spectrum and at the same time very dark. It is formed by mixing the two main – red hot and ice blue. For this reason, purple is quite complicated, because it has to reconcile the contradictions of two vastly different psychological characteristics Kohler – peaceful and violent. It turns out well: purple noble and elegant, but its use in the interior is complicated by the fact that at the same time it gloomy, enigmatic and mysterious.

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