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Bright ideas for apartment interior

The idea and the apartment interior in white with bright accents in the details. White color – visually makes the apartments and rooms in it more spacious and bright, but in itself – it looks boring. In order to bring to a white interior design of bright colors – you can add a touch of color. In this case – it is orange, blue and purple lavender mint color.


The blue color in the interior

Do not be afraid to experiment! On a bright color you can paint a room or one of the walls – this will give the room depth. So, blue is associated with the color of the sky and the sea, one of the main colors in the palette. With blue go perfectly as bright colors – yellow, green, coral, and less flashy – white, all shades of beige, brown and purple.


New Year – a miracle

New Year’s Eve, even the most die-hard realists make wishes: and suddenly come true? And they may well be fulfilled if to surround yourself in a part of a good holiday tale. Fairies and elves, butterflies and birds, and just fabulous romantic characters. For this theme best suited gentle tones of purple, turquoise, blue – against a large number of snow-white. Plus – a little soft golden glitter and rhinestones.


Purple interior

In nature, purple is rare – only in the petals of some colors, pigments and shellfish in precious stones. Can the interior designer to be more generous in its use of nature? Or is it a universal rule? Incoming search terms: purple room

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