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Nice little things for your kitchen

Cooking meal in your kitchen is not just a regular procedure but a creative process. Talking about me, this is why I tend to surround myself with different nice little things which help to create a proper atmosphere and turn some routine procedures into a captivating action. And of course, if you encounter a very specific problem during this process, the thing that you would really need is a highly specified gadget. First it may look weird or clumsy –but you will be surprised how much easier such thing will make your life.
Here are some little things which I came across recently and which I would like to share now with you:

This one is some real aid for eating chicken wings, ribs, sushi, potato chips and other dishes that usually require tons of napkins. It will not only keep your fingers clean, but also your food. For example, if you spend the whole day with your car’s engine it will be much more convenient to use these rather than to spend an hour washing your hands for one burger.

Bamboo chopsticks with a spring, making it work like a common clothespin. For some it might seem to be a little bit of a cheating, but it will surely become a huge relief for those of your guests who are only getting used to chopsticks.

Chopsticks’ rest performed as a paunchy polar bear. If you still don’t have such a device, you might be acquainted with a situation when you simply do not know where to put your chopsticks. This one, really sweet and touching, will solve this problem.

Anyone who has ever come across a fresh avocado knows that it is often quite a challenge to remove the stone from the fruit. This tool will turn this task into a piece of cake.

This gadget would be a true revelation for parents whose kids are refusing to breakfast, and also for adult Mikki Mouse fans! It is quite obvious that this pattern may have any picture – you should just look for the one that you like.

Is this glass half-full or half-empty? You won’t need two different vessels – simply turn this one over for liquor when you’ve finished your beer.

This preposterous, as it might seem from the first sight, combination of fork and spoon is in fact an ingenious invention for meals which are almost impossible to eat with only a spoon or only a fork – just like these noodles.

This special bowl with doors in its bottom will let you distribute its content – pasta, salad, fruit slices or anything else you put in it – without making mess on your table.

And the last, but not least in our list is this tool for open-fire hot-dogs grilling. Simple as pie it will make cooking hot dogs even easier – and open fire will make it much more delicious than any electric device would ever do.

It must be added, however, that some of these tools might be too exotic to find it in your local store. But it is also well known that there is nothing impossible for the one who is determined to find something – you just need to know what you are looking for. Hopefully, these pictures might give you some inspiration.

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