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For some, the ultimate dream of a pink room, for others – a reason for malicious ridicule. What is the secret of passionate love and hate for this color? What exactly is going on with people in pink interior?

Distance – close

Volume – increases

Weight – easy

Saturation – slabonasyschenny

Temperature – warm

Luminosity or brightness – very light

Motion – Soothing

Psychological sense – balance, tenderness, sentimentality, attractiveness, femininity

Amateur – sensitive, emotional people

Suitable rooms – bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms

Suitable styles – Rococo, classic, retro, pop art

According to the scientific definition of pink is an unsaturated (diluted white) red. But this is true only for the standard pink pure. In fact, it has many shades, which are formed of magenta, purple and even orange. Each of them has its own nuances psychological sound. And aesthetes do not stop to talk about what is pink – the sophistication or still vulgar.

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