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Yellow in the interior

UK Statistics Realtors says that if the cottage door painted in yellow, the house will go under the hammer faster. Try to understand why the room where there are elements reminiscent of sunflowers and buttercup, looks attractive and awakens in us a sense of happiness.

Distance – close

Volume – slightly increases

Weight – easy

Saturation – slabonasyschenny

Temperature – warm

Grace or brightness – bright, flowing

Movement – traveling, but ephemeral

The first impression – a pleasant, joyful

Additional colors – blue

The psychological impact – a cheerful

Style – retro, chinese, chinoiserie, classical, style of the 80′s.

The psychological impact – pleases, enhances well-being, invigorates, accelerates functions of life (increased pressure, stimulates digestion, and endocrine), elevates mood, self-esteem, adjusts to communicate, promote concentration, memorization, determination. But prolonged exposure starts to irritate, put out of balance.

Amateur – confident people, sanguine, optimistic

Suitable rooms – kitchen, baby. Dark interiors, north side. The main wall – quite dangerous.

Unsuitable rooms – a bedroom, dressing-room, living room.

Yellow – the light and bright color in the spectrum, he is one of the three major, along with red and blue. If his predecessor in the color range, red, affects the physical state (causes deeper breathing, increased blood pressure and bodily ons), the yellow has the exciting effects on the human brain, stimulating the intellect. As the psychologists, under the influence of yellow decisions are made ​​faster and faster.

It invigorates and tones, affects brain activity and makes you feel in good shape. Moreover, in contrast to the orange, it activates, not body and the brain. It follows the main feature of this color – what we call “easy.” If you use the yellow color in the interior, this quality will be obvious to the inhabitants of the house, not only psychologically, but also in visual terms.

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