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10 Ideas for Transform Your Home Library

Whether an avid reader or not, all of us have books in our homes. Textbooks, novels, how-to books, you name it– they all need a place to be stored. There are so many inventive ways to either stow away or show off your books, and we’ve got 10 inspiring photos to help you get your home library started (or continued on if you’re in progress).
Built-ins can certainly seem like a flawless way to go for many, and the endless combinations and sizes for storage can all be customized to your needs and desires. The space above actually has the shelving built in around walls in the home to frame the rooms as book storage.

The ‘Cloud’ storage modules are a great option for those who are unsure of what they’re looking for, possibly expanding their book collection or wanting something just as visually interesting as the books themselves.

A room lined in thin, floating shelves could be a good look for some, as long as the lighting is seamlessly integrated and colors carried throughout properly to create a cozy and comfy reading nook.

The above is an actual public space where the bookcases are circular and form the outer portion of high backed sofa/booth style seating for readers to quietly sit and enjoy a few great pages. This would be a great addition to a really open and urban floor plan for the avid reader.

Display style shelving is always a gorgeous look, with deep shelves and a monochromatic color scheme to let the book bindings take over with the accented hues. Just a couple of simple chaise lounges, some high gloss floors and good book is all you need in this library.

Large, rolling, library style ladders add great drama and depth to your own home library. They can turn a space from cold to welcoming, or from traditional to contemporary with the simple integration of a ladder.

If space and budget allow for it, rotating cases that act as entrances to a space are a great addition that act not only as storage, but as a display piece that is also a conversation starter. Again, lighting is key in this type of unit to allow for the enclosed areas to shine; not only with their storage space, but the books themselves speak volumes.

Renovating or creating your own home library doesn’t have to be as extravagant as disassembling the current set up or breaking the bank. Even installing regular old bookshelves on a diagonal line sets up some amazing visual interest for storage.

Patterns can also be created through the use of wall shelves. Though not the craziest install ever, this modern day bachelor pad has all of the subtleties that any man’s library would have.

If you’re tight on space and insist on having somewhere to read and lounge simultaneously, this little contraption might be perfect for you. A round, handmade lounge complete with book storage all the way around is a great addition, and the night ime lights are just an added bonus.

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