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Modern Bathroom Lighting To Transform your Powder Room

Accent lighting, task lighting, wall sconces and ambient lighting are four elements of proper modern bathroom lighting that you must consider when giving your powder room a makeover. You can find all your contemporary lighting by

Accent lighting is the illumination that highlights specific objects or features of the room. Features you might choose to highlight could be shelves or dividers, tiled floors, marbled walls, intricate moldings or some other special architectural feature of the powder room. The most effective accent lighting provides up to five times brighter illumination to the object of its focus than that which is provided by ambient lights. The purpose is to draw immediate attention to the highlighted feature of room, and using extreme lighting techniques to make it seem alluring and magnificent.

Track lighting is one form accent lighting that can usually be incorporated into smaller restrooms fairly easily. Track lighting fixtures themselves tend to carry a stylish weight of their own, which the bathroom naturally also assumes once the fixtures are installed. With swift and clever positioning, you can aim track lighting bathroom walls, plants or portraits that you have carefully positioned in the room. And once you get tired of that arrangement, replace the feature with something else and readjust the aim of the track lighting. It’s easy and fun!

Lights under the cabinets can be an effective mode of accent lighting when there are cabinets or shelves to be utilized. Set them up the same way you would use cupboard in your kitchen or a living room display rack. You can highlight a collection of perfumes, expensive bath products or fancy jars containing your potpourri collection.

Modern wall sconces bring forth the wall’s texture and make it a prominent part of the display. For effect, try to incorporate the light on a small drop between the ceiling and shelving for a special decorative glow.

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