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Small Kitchen Interiors

Corner cabinet
Make good use of a corner space that is rarely used with a country-style wall-mounted cabinet.

Storage bench
Keep a bench hidden away under your table and pull it out when you have guests. This one has a removable lid – ideal for storing cleaning products or cookery books.

Extend the room
Kitchen extensions can benefit from a skylight, which will provide plenty of natural light without wasting precious wall storage. Flooring should be fitted in a vertical direction rather than horizontal or diagonal to create the illusion of length.

Studio design
Sectioning-off the kitchen area in a compact property doesn’t have to make the space smaller. Keep part of the kitchen open and use the same colours and finishes throughout in order to seamlessly join the two rooms and enhance the feeling of space.

Backlit shelves
Good lighting will enhance space and can be added under wall cabinets and at plinth level to create depth. Here, backlighting brightens a shelving unit.

Fitted wine rack
Make the most of a slim space between cupboards or in an alcove and fit a space-saving wine rack.

Additional workspace
An island unit might be out of the question, but a butcher’s block or portable kitchen trolley will provide extra prep space and can be moved out of the way when not required. Here, a 60cm-wide reclaimed sideboard provides a link between cooker and sink, plus a long length of workspace.

Open shelving
Store away everyday essentials or showcase your favourite pieces in this floor-to-ceiling shelving unit. Add a touch of colour to the scheme with zesty lemon wallpaper and matching accessories.

Built-in spice rack
Keep your worktops clutter-free by fitting a spice rack to the inside of a cupboard door.

Functional seating
A peninsula-style breakfast bar can provide additional seating in areas that would otherwise be wasted.

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