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Traditional crafts combined with modern designer Yuhang. In their study on the natural and traditional materials, they have created a wonderful ethereal form chair Gu. The chair was made ​​of paper and bamboo. Agree, this is something new and interesting to people.


Eco Bench Alvin Tjitrowirjo

Modern Indonesian designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo invented Linger, outdoor benches made ​​of natural eco rattan and made ​​by hand, in contrast to machines provide comfort around you. Do not rush in organic shapes and sizes are designed to bring people together to sit, stay and relax.


Apartments in Netherlands

Sky Box apartments were designed studios Centric Design Group and located in the Netherlands. Residence is a box with a picture windows installed on the pier and remarkable spacious terrace on the perimeter. Natural finishes and plenty of light make the rooms spacious and comfortable, and the furniture and decor are designed in a rustic style are responsible for the comfort of home.


Ecodesign home

Organic and eco-friendly materials have been selected for the publication of this Scandinavian interior. Beautiful soft color palette – shades of white. The wall is made of natural stone. Roof is full of wood. Flax linen in the bedroom, only natural tissue. This house is a dream house a fairy tale! At any time you can be at sea for a walk with the dogs, or just sit in the sand and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Trees in the interior

Japanese architectural firm Hironaka Ogawa & Associates decided to make a purely “natural” tone in a modern residential interior. The solution was born by chance in the course of project development for the completion of the house, they decided not to cut down trees, occupying “wrong” place, and organically fit them into a new environment. Originally it was planned that during the expansion of the house, standing in the Japanese city of Kagawa, camphor and zelkova, growing next to it, will be cut down. Designers of office Hironaka Ogawa came up a bold idea: they left the trees in their…


Lamp “Crimean bump”

Designer Pavel Eekra created light “Crimean pine cone.” It consists of 56 one and a half thick plates and screws, and are not required for the assembly of additional items. The plates are made of natural wood veneer, beech or maple, thus symbolizing the merger of industrial design and nature. Lamp gives the room a soft glow and comes unassembled. Incoming search terms: wooden lamp


Vintage style in the interior

The interior in the vintage style – a rather artificial definition. Vintage things considered, to which more than 30 years, but then it turns out that the interior of the 80s can already be considered vintage. In reality, increases the feeling of vintage character when things appear in them the first half of the twentieth century.

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