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Vintage style in the interior

The interior in the vintage style – a rather artificial definition. Vintage things considered, to which more than 30 years, but then it turns out that the interior of the 80s can already be considered vintage. In reality, increases the feeling of vintage character when things appear in them the first half of the twentieth century.

The interior in the vintage style – is always a natural ceiling. Stretch and plaster are used. But often used stucco on the joint walls and ceiling. Natural ceiling in vintage interior can have cracks, bumps – in this case it is not a bad thing, but a plus.

Vintage style in the interior can be supported by the two methods. Either you help accents and vintage furniture as vintage accessories for the interior, or you do it with the main processing room, whether the ceiling, floors and a wall. In the first case, that would change the way you just need to change the situation in the second – again to make repairs. But, in fact, creating the interior in the style of vintage, not how much you do not tire of.

Decor – this is the main thing that makes vintage style. The abundance of textiles, knitted napkins, decorative pillows, tablecloths, slipcovers – and certainly necessary. Plates, teapots, household items of the last century would create the right mood. Antique dolls, coated in thick book bound – it. Frames with black and white photos, cute porcelain knickknacks, heavy mirrors in carved frames create desired vintage tint. Curtains with floral pattern in the wings, baldhin over the bed – linens just need to create the desired image!

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