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Beautiful handmade furniture mosaic

Unusual pieces of furniture decorated with polished stainless steel and are all made by hand. The asymmetry of this amazing furniture fits perfectly into the interior of modern apartment, making it an original and attractive. This unusual collection of furniture consists of two end tables, a small dining table, chairs and a large floor vases.


Sofa with windows

French designer Marc Venot designed sofa interesting Elevate Seating exclusively for Flown. The basic material for work on a new piece of furniture has been selected a small piece of the aircraft panel with windows. Moreover, the concept can be developed in any direction, making a seat for one person or even a long row of seats to process the waiting room at the airport. Smooth panel outside contrasted soft surface inside. Comfortable and unusual, this piece of furniture certainly ideal for the modern apartment or loft.


Laundry in building

Modern engineering allows a lot of work to pass on to consumer goods. For example, washing with a washing machine can be child’s play. One question remains – where to place the equipment necessary for washing and as ergonomically arrange a specially allocated space following the style properties Interior. In apartments and houses with a large area of modern designers try to allocate a separate room to perform household work: washing and ironing. This is done, first of all, of sanitary reasons, as the process is associated with the possibility of an increased temperature and humidity of air, steam generation,…


Beautiful sink-cup of Artceram

The company is Artceram washbasin Cup, which is several times larger cup. He is clearly designed for those who have a sense of humor, and who does not lose, hurrying to work early in the morning. Product Dimensions 75x50x85sm. Washbasin is made in two versions – black and white. On the handle of the cup is a special place to place soap, toothbrushes, and other accessories. This sink-cup fits perfectly in the interior of any style – classical, modern, minimalist, etc.


Interesting handles for drawers

This seemingly minor detail how to handle the chest, can instantly transform the entire interior. Baroque and minimalist, vintage or modern, handle dresser is an analogue of cufflinks in interior etiquette. Wooden handles with interesting details and patterns are perfect for romantic interiors and classic style, wooden pens, clay, handmade, decorate modern interior and gilt or brass knobs for the dresser will be a crucial part for the interior in different styles. You can select the color and taste. If you want something original, but you can not buy. Make them yourself out of clay.


Modern sofas

Beautiful modern sofas – is a quality and comfortable furniture for the whole family. You can relax after a busy day, dropping to a soft seat sofa. This invention is a modern sofa, is an integral part of any interior. Choose a sofa in a modern style – the problem is not that simple. Sofa should be bright, but it fits easily into the interior


Modern kitchen design

Skyline Lab original kitchen of the Italian company Snaidero. The firm was established in 1946, not only does the kitchen and has many design awards. At first, we make a small digression and ask the rhetorical question: why should a rectangular table top? If a person is put in an imaginary center of his working space, the most convenient and close to him to reach out to the required items will be around. Skyline is one of the few where this approach was successfully entered into the overall concept: availability (when all you need at hand), comfort and ergonomics. The…

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