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Real India – why people are going back to villages

India is today one of the most significant nations in the world. It is economically and culturally important while also being a strong voice in the international scenario. The country is also known to be a powerful nation with a lot of influence on the daily happenings worldwide.

But many have forgotten that the real India was once born out of villages. People who stay here are now migrating to cities and towns, leaving villages behind. But some are doing what they believe is the right thing – they are moving back to villages.

For all those contemplating over such a decision, here is a list of reasons why moving back to villages is actually a right thing:

The convenience is unmatched
Replace all your pesky trips to the local market with groceries being brought to your house. Instead of getting milk delivered, get it sent straight to your home fresh and unadulterated. Such wonderful little things are hard to find in the city. Life in a village is much more convenient and much much more comfortable as well.

The culture is pure
India really is still alive in villages only. The daily morning temple sounds, the good old bullock carts, the traditional restaurants with their traditional meals, the greenery, and the people … All of this can be found only in villages. Not to mention the religious destinations are a place worth staying for as well. Also, families looking to move into villages can be assured of a wonderful exposure of culture to their children as well.

The development is just as good as any city
This is a fact. While maybe 10 or 20 years ago, it was hard to find a telephone or a computer in villages that is not the case anymore. The best communication and commute facilities are available in villages just as conveniently as they are in cities. For instance, people living in a Apartment in Begur Road, a locality in Begur, Karnataka enjoy just as much facilities as someone living in Bengaluru would.

The life in villages is truly wonderful
Surveys have stated that 14% of people all around the world want to move to India mainly to live in villages. And why not? The life here is unmatched. The wonderful facilities, the beautiful environment, the amazing people, the glorious career options, the incomparable peace and quiet etc. are some of the many many reasons why people are moving to villages. Life in the cities has not only become tough, it has become hazardous.

Medical reasons
Thanks to the city’s horrible climate, people are forced to move back into villages. The toxic pollution and the disastrous climate coupled with the crowded space in the cities have led people to get out of these places. Many doctors have also suggested that many patients suffering from diseases or those looking to stay away from any health problems should move to villages and enjoy a much better life.
If you want to live like a true Indian, villages are where you should be living. That is where the soul of India lives as well.

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