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Alpine garden

Rock gardens have become a familiar part of garden compositions that mimic the natural mountain scenery. They can be built on a plot with any relief, without the help of a designer, fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

Rock garden is a rocky garden planted with plants in a particular order, the choice of which should be handled with special care. Plants should get on with their future neighbors, consider the time and timing of their flowering. The most appropriate place for the device rock garden will be well-lit place, the existing slope. But do not make a hill under the trees because their roots are able to move the stones.

To create the alpine garden need loamy soil with plenty of sand and gravel for drainage. You can use a mixture of the store, and you can prepare it yourself. For this mixed clay soil, gravel, peat, a little fertilizer – humus or compost. But do not overuse fertilizers, as an excess of nutrients plants grow easily and quickly fade.

For the average alpine slides require several large stones, weighing at times up to 200 kg, and small stones. The compositions are best constructed of stone, homogeneous configurations and texture. It is important to choose the color of the stones, trying to avoid too much variegation.

It is desirable to lay them flat, bottom-up, avoid straight lines, alternating large and small stones to create the illusion of the natural landscape. Possible gaps between the stones are filled with soil. If you create slides only used large stones, soil between them locked fine gravel.

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