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Beautiful Fixtures Schproket lighting system

Fixtures Schproket lighting system, created by designer Christopher Moulder quite similar to those used to see every day in homes. Christopher Molder famous designer for their unusual experiments on the light. This time it is full of designer lamps series of engineering, technical style suitable to the interior rather the owner with a strong male character.


Modern bathroom with shower

Perhaps this is one of the latest inventions of unusual bathroom. Note the egg-shaped shower enclosure, which has created a designer Arina Komarova. When you get into the cockpit to take a shower, it closes and protects your space from splashing. In addition, it is both a shower and a tub with a spa system. In the cabin relaxing integrated lighting system, which will allow you to completely relax and forget about problems. This shower, to date, is just a concept, and it can not be purchased right now. Soon, it may be a breakthrough in the trend of bathroom…

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