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Simple ideas of how to save the living space

If you live in a luxury high-rise private mansion, then perhaps these ideas are not likely, if you are interested. But those residents0, who often think about remodeling your apartment can learn some practical advice.

For example this one horizontal cabinet that can be placed under the bed, and put things off-season. The only disadvantage of such shelves are made only to order, and it is quite expensive.

Built-in closet that can be installed that is compatible with the wall.

Hanging horizontal bed that day you will free almost the whole room.

Make a built-in niche and establish there , a microwave, and a small pantry.

In the niche to remove the bottom shelf – and you have built an office.

The bed can also be made in the emerging built-in wardrobe.

The bottom section of ladder used as shoe cabinet.

If you improve a little each corner, then you will have much more space in your apartment.

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