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White in the interior

In the most universal and neutral of all the possible color palette, however, there are some secrets. About what should learn before you paint all the walls in white?

Distance – close

Volume – neutral

Weight – easy

Saturation – slabonasyschenny

Temperature – neutral

Luminosity or brightness – very light

Movement – stationary

The first impression – clean

The psychological impact – a cool, creates a feeling of freshness, a large number – Sterile

Suitable rooms – small

Unsuitable Room – Children

Additional colors – black

Style – any, but particularly classical, minimalism and Scandinavian

White is known even to children – the exact opposite of black. Physics sum under this theoretical rationale: if the black – is the lack of any of the colors, white – all the spectral colors at once. If we painted watercolors, such blend of blue, red and yellow would have been, of course, a dirty mess. In optics, the same thing happens the other way around. Length of all the waves of the visible spectrum is uniform, and, because of this balance, we have the most calm and neutral of all colors – white.

This calm and “positive” whiteness was realized by all peoples for many centuries. He’s so bright and luminous, it can not be “bad”, so in a halo of white light, believers are angels. A white garment preferred and Druids, and the Pope, and the Orthodox patriarch, and even a wizard Gandalf.

For the same reason, the white color is so popular in the interior – it is almost impossible to make a mistake. However, there are some subtleties.

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