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Chairs from Ikea

IKEA furniture is very popular all over the world, and it has won its first of its practicality, efficiency and originality. Not for nothing is one of the slogans of the company states: “Every other European IKEA is on the bed.” If you want not expensive and modern to decorate your house, run to IKEA!


Original boxes with their hands

Many of us have at home, these simple and convenient (and most importantly, cheap) boxes of our favorite store Ikea. Way to spice up the appearance of boxes, give them originality and individuality – is very simple: you need the old road maps, glue and a little patience. The first thing to unwrap the box and glued over it from all sides with pieces of geographic maps, for a change, you can use maps of different scales, for example, one of the boxes made ​​from maps of the city. Good use of the map, where do you have visited, then…


Getting ready for winter with IKEA. Jars, racks and accessories

At IKEA is not only a lot of furniture for a different taste, but also a variety of trifles. In truth, IKEA can be called not just furniture, but also a place where there are thousands of little things for your home. Today in the “Chest of ideas for your home,” we publish dozens of accessories that may be needed during the winter. Incoming search terms: ikea bedroom


Textiles IKEA. Path 2013

As is known, in 2013, IKEA (IKEA), decided to focus not on the furniture, and in textiles. That is why in the new catalog so much attention paid to the various tissues and design furniture. In order to understand whether you need to buy this or that textiles easier once to see how it will look in a room or applicable to any interior. We suggest that you look at the different options of interior decoration from IKEA, before you go to the store. Incoming search terms: домашний текстиль каталог


Sideboards – 10 of the best

Malthouse sideboard from The Kitchen Dresser Company Pull-out baskets are ideal for storing table linens if you do too much. Incoming search terms: liatorp sideboard


Innovative Moods for Food

Designer Henrik Hallberg from Stockholm, Sweden, to come up with a product ANTILOP highchair tray from Ikea. As a father of two, he found a chair that was not as boring as a creative person, he created an innovative swipe to make chairs more attractive and more colorful and interesting for detey.Podstavki made of silicon Mood for Food plates and napkins to prevent bowl from slipping, making eating easier for kids and their parents. Additonal benfits include reduced noise and improved hygiene, wipes can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher mashine.Stolovyh comes in four different themes: “Vegas…


Kitchens Ideas

Cream country kitchen This open-plan space was decorated in warm and bright colors, cream color distracts from low potalkov and visually makes the room above and more. Incoming search terms: unusual kitchens , georgian kitchen ideas

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