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Kitchens Ideas

Cream country kitchen
This open-plan space was decorated in warm and bright colors, cream color distracts from low potalkov and visually makes the room above and more.

New Industrial Kitchen
Antique reclaimed wood, smooth and gray concrete countertops and clean stainless steel appliances combine to form industrial kitchen with a rough, rustic edge. Beautifully understated and incredibly chic. Creates a feeling of being in a rustic house set up in a modern style.

The kitchen in the Georgian style
This Georgian cuisine was made to order hand-painted cabinets attached to the warmth and comfort, a lamp made out of cups adds quirkiness to this interior, and creates a more unexpected and interesting.

Mixed items iinterere
Blending objects in the interior adds interest and helps to highlight one particular area. Here, the drum rack is made of oak wood with a block of chopped walnuts, it clearly stands out from the rest of dyed food and is ideal for cooking. The cost of food Davonport starts from £ 35,000.

Dinner Island
Well suited for addition to the national style kitchen, new and comfortable dining room looks beautiful crafted piece with the corresponding table. Available in over 70 colors with the table in various sizes, each of them in accordance with the specification. Shown with an oak top, this kitchen is worth about $ 12,000.

Breakfast for unusual bar
Thin bar adds elegance purple lockers, beautiful calming color in the laminate, which gives the whole a kind of high prices. Bright and different colors, the rest of the table top is different from the work area in the kitchen. The surface also extends the shelf, and continues down to the floor of a sleek look. Kitchens from Neil Lerner price starts from £ 14,000.

Comfortable Island
If you do not have to include utilities in your island, why not opt for a comfortable furniture? You can simply change it by putting it against the existing units to improve the work surface, and you can take it with you when you move. This wonderful island Stenstorp kitchen in white with oak top costs from £ 199 in Ikea.

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