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Gorgeous home in a retro style in Madrid

This beautiful house, surrounded by trees, is sure to impress judges of beauty. In the yard all arranged for rest and relaxation. It’s nice sitting on a bench in the courtyard, enjoy the natural environment. Green lawn gives the smell of fresh grass, beautiful flowers in large tubs and flower pots decorate the terrace. Blue expanse of the pool adds freshness on hot days. Vines twine play on the contrast of the light house walls and dark green leaves of the plant. Romantic view of the patio give street lights, made in ancient style. The terrace has a dining table…


Stylish interior of the cottage

Beautiful house intricate architecture that allows a facade, and no less interesting interior, where they joined a simple decoration and practical furniture, presented several bright green chairs and seats with unusual legs. Not a little by the meter house together a few designs. For example, a place to stay before a swimming pool, fitness room, available for review on the first floor and as a result, a lot of different incarnation of stairs and windows. House is a harmonious fusion of landscape and interior design. Nature seemed to come into the house color combinations and natural materials. Despite the modern…


House in the land

Beautiful house overlooking the Colorado River called Edgeland House. I must say that it is in some sense to give odds, for example, the famous Hotel Capital Hill, which was designed by Zaha Hadid commissioned by Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin for stunning Naomi Campbell. Although investments invested in this project is much more modest, but nonetheless, Edgeland – it is a beautiful and complicated reconstruction Pit-house, in which lived a long time Native Americans.


House by Keith Baker Design

House by Keith Baker Design This lovely house is located in Victoria, British Columbia has developed designer Keith Baker, who built Review events. In 2008, this wonderful house has received 10 gold medals, also was included in the Best Project of the Year and Best home in Canada. Set the house of Garry Oaks on a rocky slope, Armada House is a perfect combination of glass, steel, concrete and wood look great. Warmth and comfort will never leave the walls of this beautiful house. Incoming search terms: beautiful house , best house , the best house , wonderful house

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