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Gorgeous home in a retro style in Madrid

This beautiful house, surrounded by trees, is sure to impress judges of beauty. In the yard all arranged for rest and relaxation. It’s nice sitting on a bench in the courtyard, enjoy the natural environment. Green lawn gives the smell of fresh grass, beautiful flowers in large tubs and flower pots decorate the terrace. Blue expanse of the pool adds freshness on hot days. Vines twine play on the contrast of the light house walls and dark green leaves of the plant.

Romantic view of the patio give street lights, made in ancient style. The terrace has a dining table that pleased the whole family to gather and meet the guests.

Home – spacious and sunny. Large windows let in sunlight and a large amount of air in the room. Calm tones do not load the nervous system. According to psychologists, they give strength and self-confidence, maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the house.

Furniture and decor with a touch of antiquity. Vintage style allows you to create an exclusive interior. The abundance of decorative elements – pictures, mirrors in large frames, pillows, vases and flowerpots – create a unique, characteristic only of this home decor. Created with their own hands elements reminiscent of the values ​​and family traditions. Even the white decorative bird cage perfectly fit into the interior of the hall.

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