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Built-in exhaust hood

It is well known that during the meal cooking process a lot of various burning products are exhausted into the air. They may not only affect negatively your and your family’s health but also leave thin coat of oil and soot on the kitchen furniture, spoiling it and reducing its life term. This is why exhaust hoods are installed in almost every kitchen, and of course, they should fit the general design of the room.
Being disposed directly above the stove, built-in exhaust hood captures smoke, smell, vapor and any other airborne impurities coming from food being cooked, and also prevents their further spread over the house.
Exhaust hood can help to keep the kitchen in good condition much longer as oil and dirt no longer settle on the walls, ceiling, and furniture façade.

Several different types of hoods could be distinguished according to the way they are installed in the kitchen. They could be suspended beneath a cupboard or a shelf on the kitchen wall above the stove; they could be built into a cupboard or a special decorative shell over the cooking area. The latter option is also sometimes performed so that the exhaust hood is built into the table next to the stove. The hood can be mounted onto the wall, and such a disposal gives versatile possibilities for its design. There are also models which are designed for corner disposal, and the ones which are used to equip island kitchens situated in the middle of the room.

When picking up an exhaust hood, one should take into consideration the important fact that it must fit the kitchen interior by any means. It is not really hard to provide this as there is a huge variety of possible options: there are models which will explicitly emphasize the whole style and main idea of the kitchen design by becoming the dominative object in the room, and there are ones which will smoothly and insensibly fit the interior and merge easily the surrounding.

If your kitchen is filled with various devices and has glistering brushed surfaces and corner elements all over the place, it would be a perfect option to use brushed metal exhaust hood of steel-grey or white color. If your cupboards are decorated with snazzy prints or bright colors, or you have murals on your walls you can try to find something correspondingly colorful. There is also vast variety of models which, having filling which meets the highest modern technical performance demands, are disguised as a mantelpiece or a lamp.

Talking about the color, there is nothing really complicated about this – you should just take into account your kitchen’s (and especially your stove’s) color and not let all the elements of the design merge together. For example, if the main tone of your kitchen is white it would be a nice move to get an exhaust hood of steel-grey or even of black color, because if the hood will be white too, an eye will not be able to capture anything in the room and the impression of the design would be quite poor.
And in any case, if you realize that you cannot come up with any specific idea, you should remember that stainless steel is the universal option for any kitchen. It is absolutely neutral and will always match some of the elements – like sink or handles.

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