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Built-in exhaust hood

It is well known that during the meal cooking process a lot of various burning products are exhausted into the air. They may not only affect negatively your and your family’s health but also leave thin coat of oil and soot on the kitchen furniture, spoiling it and reducing its life term. This is why exhaust hoods are installed in almost every kitchen, and of course, they should fit the general design of the room. Being disposed directly above the stove, built-in exhaust hood captures smoke, smell, vapor and any other airborne impurities coming from food being cooked, and also…


One bedroom apartment with Ralph Lauren wallpaper and designer furniture

A two-room apartment with Ralph Lauren wallpaper and designer furniture. METRIC AREA 70 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 FLOOR 7 CEILING HEIGHT 3 m Ekaterina and her husband sold their apartment in a residential district and bought the apartment on Frunzenskaya banking four years ago. The repair lasted for nine months, and their child was born the following day after its finishing. The dwelling turned out to be cramped for a family that’s why they decided to rent it. For the moment of purchase there was a standard two-room apartment with a long corridor, two rooms, a small kitchen, and…


Residential building in Dubrovskaya settlement

Peter and Nastya bought the apartment on the 24th floor of a new Residential Complex “Dubrovskaya Sloboda” in the south-east of Moscow right after a new building commissioning. The couple lived in this district before but they decided to move to a more spacious apartment. Furthermore the architect’s office Za Bor, where Peter works, is located within 8 minutes of walking distance. OWNERS Peter – an architect of Za Bor bureau, Nastya – a model, young fashion designer METRIC AREA 57 FLOOR 24 NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 CEILING HEIGHT 2.9 m There were panoramic windows and a free layout in a…


Kitchen design for everyone!

Bright pillows on the sofa are able to create a calm and sunny mood for those who choose this option yourself kitchen. Incoming search terms: kitchen design


Green in the interior

When, finally, the spring comes and the trees buds, and the ground is covered with a young grass around, my heart immediately becomes good and happy. For half a year in black and white landscapes our longing eyes on the green. What to do with the psyche that spring color? Incoming search terms: green interior


White in the interior

In the most universal and neutral of all the possible color palette, however, there are some secrets. About what should learn before you paint all the walls in white?


Black in the interior

From the point of view of black – no not the color, but only a lack of color. Designers do not agree with them, successfully making it one of the most popular elements of the palette. What is the secret “black art”?

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