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Making Use of Your Outdoor Space

With a larger number of people staying put instead of moving house, it has never been more important to utilise the space you have to keep your home working for you. Making the most of the space you have in your home can dramatically change the way your home looks and help change the way you feel while living there.

Your outdoor space is normally one of the forgotten areas of your home but this space can be turned into a place where you can spend time, entertain and use as storage.

No matter what the weather, your garden can become a place for guests to relax in taking the pressure off your cosy living room or over-run kitchen. If you normally have family over for Christmas then the extra room will come in handy and will give your guests room to comfortably celebrate this festive season.

A great way to transform your outdoor space is by investing in some essentials to make this area habitable and cosy. Firstly, if you haven’t been keeping a keen eye on your garden then get tidying it up! Neat borders, leaves raked and all rubbish cleared. The next step is to think about heating this space so that even in the bitter winter months, you can still make use of it without causing pneumonia.

I love the effect of a fire pit as it gives the effect of camping and getting back to basics. It will keep people warm, visually stimulated and is easy to use and keep safe. The feel of the cold will be long forgotten if you can feel the warm of the flames on your face.

As well as heat, there is a need for decent outdoor lighting to create a homely feel to the surroundings. A great way to achieve this without using up too much room is to use wall lighting that is well placed to light your garden in a way that is subtle. The last thing you want is to have your extra space looking like a burglar system shining an awesome light on whoever dares to go outside.

Now that your garden is tidy, heated and well-lit, the only thing that is left is to do is get some tasty food on and some drinks flowing so that you can surround the fire pit and while away the hours enjoying outdoor living with a touch of luxury.

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