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Luxury decorative gold panels with their hands

Luxury golden panels to complement your interior!
But this luxury is made from disposable plates.

Such panels beautifully and festively decorate the dining room, living room or hallway.
Size panels can range from very large to small, it will still be amazing to look in the interior.

We suggest that you follow our guidelines and photo to make such panels by hand.

We need:
- Paper or plastic disposable plates
- A large piece of film to protect the surface during operation
- Hot glue or other strong adhesive
- Instead of glue can be used with the staple gun, it’s faster and cleaner
- Gold paint in the can
- A solid foundation for a panel, such as a sheet of plywood or thick cardboard
- scissors

Determine the size of your future panel, choose the basis for a panel size you want.
Buy enough disposable plates.
With scissors, trim the edges of plates, we need only a flat bottom

Cover the work area with a piece of tape.

Plywood or cardboard under the panels need to raschertit straight line to the shelf panel looks nice, neat and smooth.

Bottoms are starting to mount on plywood trays by type of fish scales or laying tile.
Can be fixed with glue and staple gun can be, as in the photo.
Make sure that the numbers were even.

When all the bottoms are secured, for even greater visual beauty can be attached to the sides of a panel, right on top, thin strips of plastic or cardboard.
You can do without this item.

Cover the panels with gold paint from the spray.
Can be used in any color, the main condition that it shone, that is suitable metallic paint, glitter and gloss.
Do not forget to wear a mask and gloves!

Allow the paint to dry completely, if necessary, cover with a second layer of paint panels.

Place the panels in the interior, mounted on a wall or, if the plywood base, just leaning against the wall behind the chest of drawers, console or desk.

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