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Eva’s bed by h2o architectes

Paris firm H2O Architectes sozadli bed raised a child who also forms a partition and play area at the residence of Paris.

The composition of such furniture include benches, steps, hidden compartments and corridors for the kids to play around on the inside of this wonderful house.

When the family there is a new baby in the family of a young couple then think about ways to divide the room in two. The idea was to provide a private space for each rebenka.Proekt respond to the request of separation by adding a third section of the solution space.

Creating a “multiple-use furniture” in the middle of the space to add some depth to the primary main sections. Afford it as a labyrinth of secret passages, shelves, drawers, bed, office. Unusual and intersnyh.

Unusual mixture creates an unusual typology of spaces and situations in perpetual renewal. A new section of porous creating steps, cavities and niches, which offers many opportunities for appropriation (climbing, Hiddink, drawing, etc. …). Your children can do many-interesting things.

Photos by Stéphane Chalmeau.

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