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Easy Garden Ideas

Give garden decking a decorative twist
Think beyond linear planks and use decking in new, inventive ways to give a small garden a strong personality. This diamond design gives a simple pathway real beauty.

Create a contrast in the garden
Large expanses of one material at ground level can make your garden look stark. Combining several materials is a simple way to create interest.

Take inspiration from inside
Take inspiration from your home’s interior and find an outdoor equivalent. Here, bright cushions work perfectly to liven up a garden space.

Add depth with horizontal garden fencing
Horizontal lines trick the eye into looking down the length of the garden, elongating a small space. This fence also adds a cheery burst of colour.

Blur your garden boundaries
Tall hedges or banks of greenery are ideal for concealing unsightly boundaries in your garden, and provide a pretty backdrop for an alfresco dining area. This green partition is simple and elegant and forms an intimate seating alcove.

Use a modern garden screen
An oriental-inspired screen is an ideal way to close off a perimeter of the garden without feeling boxed in.

Team modern garden furniture with dark walls
A dark-painted wall makes a bold statement and defines the garden’s perimeter. Planting softens it, but this look is about creating a dramatic backdrop for contemporary furniture.

Paint a bold feature wall
Using a vibrant colour can really brighten up a dull garden wall, particularly if the space is shady or has a gloomy corner.

Invest in raised beds
You don’t need to rely on tall plants to create height; raised beds set at eye-level break up the white walls of this garden. A smart marble-topped table and a cowhide rug bring the indoors out, and the low level planters add some colour at ground height.

Choose compact grow-your-own edibles
A small plot at the back of the garden is the perfect place to grow your own micro crops, such as, salad leaves, herbs, fruits and various vegetables.

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